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Turn off resize textarea

CSS to disable resizing The CSS to disable resizing for all textareas looks like this: textarea { resize : none ; } You could instead just assign it to a single textarea by name (where the textarea HTML is ): textarea [ name = foo ] { resize : none ; } Or by id (where the textarea HTML is ): #foo { resize : none ; }

How to view the SQLite database on your Android Emulator

How to view the SQLite database on your Android Emulator This tutorial will show you how to open a SQLite datbase from your Android emulator. This requires Eclipse and the Android plugin. If you don't have them, follow this tutorial . This also requires a SQLite viewer. I used SQLite Database Browser . Step 1 With Eclipse open and your emulator running select the DDMS perspective by clicking on the Window -> Open Perspective -> DDMS menu option. Step 1 Step 2 Select the emulator you have currently have running.  Click the File Explorer tab Find the data folder. Step 2 Step 3 Follow the filepath to the application you want /data/data/your.app.namespace/dbname.db Click the Pull a file from the device button and save the database file on your computer. Step 3 Step 4 Open the SQLite Database Viewer and click Open Database.  Open the file and you can browse the data and view the schema! Step 4 This can really help you